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November Eve, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples, Hallows, All Hallows.

Traditionally, Oct. 31st.  Astrologically, 15 degrees into scorpio..near Nov. 6th.

The New Year.  The beginning and end of the Wheel of the Year.  The tides of
the year come in and the Goddess prepares for her winter sleep.  It begins the
half of the year when the God rules.  This is also the final harvest  of the year
when the very last of the crops are brought in and put up for the winter.
Traditionally, any crops that were not harvested by Samhain, were left for the
fey or fairy folk.  To do otherwise was considered very bad luck.  It was the time
of year where animals were slaughtered to thin out the herds--storing up meat
for use during the harsh winter months, and  thinning the herds out so that they
may survive the harsh months as well.  It is a time for planning for the future.

It is a time for disposing of weaknesses and undesired traits.  It is a time for
divination, for remembering and looking within.  It is a time to remember friends
and loved ones who have died and passed beyond the veil.  On this night,
the separation between the physical and spiritual realms is thinnest (also at Beltane,
on the opposite side of the wheel).  It is for this reason, the Priestess usually
travels through the veil, collecting up the spirits of those who died and making
sure that they find their way through to the other side of the veil.

It is traditional to leave plates of food outside for the souls of the dead.  Placing
a candle in the window will help to guide them to the lands of eternal summer.
Burying apples feeds them on their journey to the Summerland.

pomegranates, beets, turnips, apples, pears, corn, harvested fruits and nuts,
all grains, gingerbread, cider, mulled wine, pumpkin, meats, root crops.

Chrysanthemum, wormwood, hazel, thistles

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