Mokume Knife

Mokume Knife
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    This knife is a masterpiece of textures, all of which are exotic. Mokume itself, is a Japanese materials normally used in sword fittings. Just as one might forge different steels to make damascus, one forges different non-ferrous metals to make mokume. This particular mokume is forged of brass, nickle, and silver. Through drilling and pounding techniques, a flowing mosaic is created in the blade. The handle is carved from antelope horn from Africa. It is deeply polished, but one can still feel the grain in the horn. The traditional Japanese bamboo pin holds the blade in place. Looking down the spine of the blade, one will see 5 matched gray moonstones. Set as a pommel is a cut and faceted smokey quartz, 7/8" long and 5/8" across. The blade is 4" long and the overall length is 7 1/2". Ritually made, this would make an exquisite athame or even bolline.