Badger Balm Stress Soother

Badger Balm Stress Soother
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    USDA Certified Organic! Badger Balm Stress Soother promotes calm and courage when times get tough. This balm is easy to use and smells great. Badger Bill chose specific oils for this balm to help people "rise to the occasion". In traditional aromatherapy, Rosemary instills clear thinking and confidence; Tangerine and Spearmint are uplifting and cheering; Cedarwood helps build inner strength; Roman Chamomile and Lavender are soothing and relaxing, and Rose is all about love and forgiveness. Good stuff to promote calm, courage & relaxed awareness when times get tough. Rub it in, breathe deep, think good thoughts and expect results! Ingredients: *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, *Beeswax, Essential Oils of *Tangerine, *Lavender, *Rosemary Verbenone, *Cedarwood, *Chamomile, *Spearmint, & *Rose Otto, and CO2 Extracts of *Rosehip & *Calendula. * = Certified Organic 1oz tin.