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Keep in mind that the links below represent a wide variety of ideas and opinions, not all of which are endorsed by The Blessed Bee.  As with anything, read extensively and come to your own conclusions.

Special Links Section at The Bee
Recommended Book List - The Bee's reading suggestions
Samhain Links - The Bee's links section for Samhain
Yule- The Bee's links section for Yule
Imbolc Links - The Bee's links section for Imbolc
Ostara Links - The Bee's links section for Ostara
Beltane Links - The Bee's links section for Beltane
Litha/Summer Solstice Links - The Bee's links section for Litha
Lughnasadh Links - The Bee's links section for Lughnsadh
Mabon Links - The Bee's links section for Mabon
Rainbow Links - The Bee's links section for Les-Bi-Gay interest

Paths & Traditions
Aleister Crowley Foundation - teachings of Aleister Crowley and Thelema
Ár nDraíocht Féin - largest NeoPagan Druid organization in the U.S
Clannada na Gadelica - Gaelic Traditionalist resources, a must see!
The Druid Grove - The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids
Fabrisia  Boschetto - Stregheria, Italian style Paganism
Hermetic Kabbalah - publishing modern material on Kabbalah and related topics
Hermetic Order of the Morning Star - Golden Dawn research center
The Irminsul Ættir - tons of Ásatrú resources
Keep Wicca Traditional - a controversial topic.  Read and decide for yourself.
Northwind - Tradition of American Wicca
Order of the Eastern Star - site of the General Grand Chapter,
Pagan Path Selector - Take the quiz.  What Pagan path do you most closely follow?
Ra-Hoor-Khuit -  Magickal Library, Ceremonial, Thelemic, Enochian, and more
The Ring of Troth - dedicated to exploring, practicing & promoting pre-Christian Germanic religion
The Roebuck - The Root Tradition of the Ancient Keltic Church
Rosicrucian Park - Rosicrucian Order, AMORC®, N. American headquarters
Scottish Rite of Freemasonry - site of the Supreme Council, 33°, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry
The Silver Serpent Coven - a coven/tradition located in the Oklahoma City area
The 3rd Road - a living branch of Faerie shamanism
Voodoo and Santeria Resources - a Collection of Voodoo and Santeria resources
Zen - an extremely well done interactive website, well worth a visit

Pagan Resources
The Witches Voice - A marvelous site!  Great info & contacts.  Best of the best!  Go here first. - a collection of over 41,000 adherent statistics and religious geography citations
The Alchemy Website - Over 90 megabytes online of information on alchemy in all its facets.
Ambrosia - Realms of Wisdom and Wonderment
Ambrosias Graphics Collection - WONDERFUL site.  You'll see some of these on The Blessed Bee.
Ancient Irish Tales - Pagan & Christian Celtic folklore
Astrology Alive - astrology info...moon phases, retrogrades, etc.
Bill of Rights for Pagan Students & Teachers - a road towards a mutually fulfilling relationships
Brigid: Survival of a Goddess - complex & contradictory Celtic Goddess
The Celtic Connection - a great site for celtic info
Earth Mysteries- a study of British ancient sites. A MUST see!
Good Wiccan - resource guide for the beginning solitary Wiccan
Herbal Remedies Info - Specific herbs, herbal remedies, make your own tinctures, oils, salves.
History of Wicca in England - from 1939 to the present day
Index of Native American Resources - great resources!
The Ink Witch - Exquisite "old style" pen &  ink Pagan artwork at extremely reasonable prices.
International Calendar of Pagan Events - Lots of pagan events here
The Kabbalah Centre - a place for learning, teaching, and doing
KamoKilts - Kilts designed with a high tech/military appearance.  Pagan owned/operated company.
The Killing of Witches - documented incidents of witchcraft accusations
Magic Bibliographies and Resources - hard-to-read web design, but good information
Malleus Maleficarum - "The Witches Hammer", infamous witchhunting manual
Museum of Talkingboards - Ouija board museum
The Pagan Database - this site has a wealth of information
The Pagan Library - articles, stories, music & thoughts on Neo-Paganism.
Pagan Path - articles, resources and classes
Salem Witch Museum - history and FAQs about the Salem Witch Trials
SpiralScouts - a program for girls and boys of minority faiths working, growing and learning together.
Shamanic Wicca - courses and personalized readings by Dan Liss, an EXCELLENT reader and Priest
Spiritualitea - a metaphysical community online
Stir The Cauldron - another good pagan site
Tales of the Mabinogion - Welsh folklore
Tir Na Nog - a virtual hangout, with an Irish Mythological and Cultural flavour
Totally Free Pagan Area - Free Graphics, Humor & Thoughts
Waterhawk Creations - Unique Earth Essence Designs, Goddess, Mystical & Spiritual Art
The Wiccan/Pagan Times - focused view of the W/P community & activities that continue to shape it
Wiccan Tradition Selector - not scientific, but will give you something to think about
Witch/Pagan Resources - a place to network with other pagans!
WitchCrawler - where Witches crawl the web
Witch Way Graphics - Many graphics on our site came from here!  LONG time to load, but worth it.
Witchy Woman - Pagan Resources for the"Witchy Woman"!

Pagan Organizations
Australian Pagan Alliance -  a networking/info service for Australian Pagans
CAW - Church of All Worlds, a network of information, mythology & experience
Circle Sanctuary - pagan festivals, publications, networking.
Covenant of the Goddess - organization of autonomous Wiccans and solitaries
CUUPS - Covenant of Unitarian Universalists Pagans
Deaf Pagan Resource Center - info for deaf & hearing impaired pagans
EarthSpirit-  a non-profit organization providing services to Pagans
Iowa Pagan Access Network - not just for the midwest.  Go see.
Military Pagan Network - serving the networking needs of the military Pagan

Ecumenical Sites
American Religion - religion & the founding of the American Republic
Beliefnet - a multi-faith e-community
Places of Peace & Power -a World-wide Sacred Site Pilgrimage. Go See!!
Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance-describes dozens of faiths
Pagans.Org - A unitarian gathering place for all faiths.
Religion vs America - argues that the claim that America was founded on Christianity is a myth.
World Prayers: Prayer Collection - GREAT ecumenical site!!!
Universal Life Church - you can obtain clergy "credentials" here

Educational & Activist Organizations
American Civil Liberties Union - defenders of the Bill of Rights
AREN -  Alternative Religions Educational Network, formerly WADL
ERAL - Earth Religions Legal Assistance Network
Pagan Educational Network - to educating the public about Paganism
Peacefire - an organization fighting Fundamentalist Christian censorware
W.A.R.D. - Witches Against Religious Discrimination
Witch's League for Public Awareness -  correcting public misinformation

Pagan Authors
Isaac Bonewits - Druidism, Paganism, Witchcraft, magic(k), liturgical design, etc.
GreyCat - Witch, Priestess, Author
M. Macha NightMare - Pagan author
Silver RavenWolf! - Pagan author, great resources
The World of Z Budapest - the best-selling Pagan author

Pagan Music & Musicians
Avalon Rising -  band with a blend of original rock, Celtic, & medieval music
Dreamtrybe - Formerly Velvet Hammer, a wonderful pagan rock band!
Emerald Rose - Fantastic Celtic Band with a definite Pagan flair!!!
Loke E. Coyote - Masters of Magickal Musical Mischievous Mayhem
Moonstruck - The Best in Pagan Music, singing tunes of magical folklore
Music for the Goddess - Wicca/Pagan rock band
Oak Ash & Thorn - Traditional and Eclectic a Capella Music
Wendy Rule -  Australian, Pagan musician.
WPBN - the Wicca Pagan Broadcast Network

Strange & Funny
Brain Candy - Insults Riddles Jokes Humor Wordplay Mind games
Funny Bone - daily Adult cartoons
Joe Cartoon - a seriously wacked interactive cartoon site, not for the squeamish
Kaleidoscope Painter - a nice little diversion
Kitty - I can smell your brains
Pagan Purity Test - this had us rolling on the floor!
Pinstruck - digital Voodoo
Peep Research - Marshmallow Peeps, those resilent little birds....
Perpetual Bubblewrap - the ULTIMATE time waster!!!
The Plant Game - grow your own virtual plant
Saturnalia - GOTTA SEE!  Pagan take off on cartoon bible tracts.
Shakespearean Insulter - randomly generated Shakespearean insults
StickDeath- a "sick" sense of humor, gratuitous violence with stick figures!
Strange Websites  - How Strange is Your Website
Tales of the Plush Cthulhu - you'll never look at stuffed animals in the same light again
Viking Kittens - Norse kitties and Led Zeppelin, a must see.
Virtual Voodoo Doll - E-mail someone that Voodoo that You Do so well!
Wacky Uses - an index of strange and helpful uses of ordinary household items
When Good Toilets Go Bad - just wrong!

Atomic Clock Time - set your clocks from THIS to be accurate
Babel Fish Translation - online translation service
Bible Gateway- Search for verses in a variety of Bible editions
Consumer Reports Online - check here before you buy
Germanic Goddesses - a nice little reference site
Hoax Kill -  resource for identifying urban legends & bogus email campaigns
Internet Traffic Report - monitors the flow of data around the world
MapQuest - maps and driving directions around the world
Measures, Units & Conversions - Need to know how many ounces in a liter?  Look here.
Merriam-Webster - online dictionary and thesaurus
Mystica - on-line encyclopedia of the occult, mysticism, magic, paranormal and more
National Do Not Call Registry - get rid of telemarketers interupting your dinner for good!
Project Vote Smart - find your elected officials as well as many resources
Security Response - Symantec/Norton's up to date virus information
Snopes - another good Urban Legends identifying site - online encyclopedia of graphic symbols
Urban Legends & Folklore - another Urban Legend buster site
U.S.P.S. Rate Calculators - calculate the postal for both domestic & foreign mail
The Weather Channel - national and local weather reports online
World Currency Exchange rates - current exchange rates & conversions

Astronomy Picture of the Day - pics by NASA, they make GREAT wallpaper for your desktop
The Athena Project - a reproduction of the Parthenon in Nashville, TN
Body, Mind & Soul Healer -  Helping People Rediscover Their Wholeness
City of Shadows - gothic London
Conversational Terrorism - avoid these, recognize them & have some fun
Earth Songs - hear natural radio waves which are the "songs" of the Earth
Essie's Florals - Recommended! Used in our daughter's wedding.  Real flowers preserved to stay beautiful.
Family Acceptance - What do you do when your child is Gay?
Lisa Maxwell, Realtor - Pagan-Friendly realtor in Mass., as well as referrals worldwide via RE/MAX.
New Moon Media - web design/development, communications planning, writing/editing. Pagan Friendly.
Res-I-Tec - buying a home in the northeast?  You MUST go here!  Owned by Ariell's dad.  Pagan Friendly.
Satanshop - The Blessed Bee doesn't carry left-hand path items, but these folks do and they're great Great info and set-up to get you listed on all the search engines.
S.E.T.I. at home - help search for extraterrestrials with your PC
Spam Cop - spam reporting service and resource center
Starbridge Chiropractic - in north Georgia.  Professional chiropractic & certified neuromuscular therapy
STARKERS!- Custom corsetry & clothing.  Where Ariell gets her custom corsets. Tell 'em we sent you.
The Utne Reader - a different kind of publication
Victoria's On-Line Shopping Mall - antiques,gardening, home & more!
Would You Like to Hear a Story? - professional storytelling by Cayce Terrell
Amazon.Com - check out the recommended book below

Search Engines & Directories
AltaVista - a good search engine
AriadneSpider - A pagan index/search engine. Check 'em out & rate our site.
Ask Jeeves - Have a Question? Just type it in and click Ask!
Excite - another good one
Google - THE best in our book!   Can't live without the Google Toolbar either.
Overture - a powerful search engine
HotBot - part of Lycos search engine
LookSmart - a web directory
Lycos - another powerful search engine
Rainbow Query - search the queer internet
Search Hippo - 64 bit web search
WiccaNet -  A Wiccan and Pagan Index/search engine.  Check it out & vote for us!
Yahoo!- the largest directory around!

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