Amidst the Standing Stones
in a Circle of Life,
our hearts and spirits become One.

Robert and Donna Ariell
June 5, 1999


Before the ritual begins

Ariell and her father, Ron. (No picture of mom on the internet though...I value my life!)

The Circle

"As the athame is to the male..."

"My partner & lifemate....."

"My lover & friend......"

Both couples and Lady GreyCat

Jumping the broom...and with a broken foot too!

Dancing to Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose playing at the feast.

Time to party!! It's not easy while tied together!

Now THESE are endowments!!!  Yes, the glasses ARE filled with beer!

NOTE: we have altered the faces of anyone who was recognizable in these pictures and if we were uncertain whether they wanted to be "outed" or not.  If you are one of these and wish us to restore the photo, just let us know.

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