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Gemstone Lore
Gemstones and minerals are used to ASSIST in various remedies.
DO NOT substitute stones for appropriate medical care.

AGATE is a very grounding stone, and helps bring negative energies into transformed positive energy and reconnect us with the Earth. It also aids the integration of logic and intuition. It helps to balance yin/yang energies, and enhances connections with our higher spiritual selves.

AMAZONITE is a very soothing, calming stone, allowing one to release worries and fears. It aids in communication with loved ones, and is a wonderful stone for clarity and clear thought.  Opens creativity and helps one to speak truth.

AMBER is used to tap into the power of the Sun, and is good for success, abundance, healing, and happiness. A powerful stone for manifestation, AMBER is also used for healing of the physical body. It carries a negative electrical energy charge and therefore is good to draw power and energy into its bearer. AMBER, usually when combined with JET, is one of the traditional stones of the High Priestess.   This stone is calming, a stress reliever, helps with mental clarity, a mood balancer, enhances joy and humor, and helps bring confidence.  It helps with detoxification and protection.

AMETHYST is a stone of psychic power, enhancing and increasing the abilities of the bearer. It aids in increasing spiritual awareness and helps in the attainment of your spiritual goals. Wear AMETHYST to dispel fear and heighten intuitive powers.  It aids in dreaming, dispelling nightmares, protection and helping to break bad habits.  Also known as the "sobriety stone".

ANGELITE regenerates and rejuvenates ill or degenerative areas of the body, enhances creativity.  It is excellent for spiritual guidance.

APATITE is highly psychic, good for communication and intellect.  Helps control weight gain.

AQUA AURA is CLEAR QUARTZ which has been dipped in molten gold. The molecules of gold which adhere to the QUARTZ give it its unusual color. Use this stone for creativity, open mindedness, and to respond to chaos with calm.

AQUAMARINE is a peaceful, soothing stone, and is good for communication of a higher level (beyond the mundane). It is a gentle and compassionate vibration, and helps us bring order from chaos.  It is a "stone of courage" and helps to bring intellectual acuteness, banishes fear, calms nerves and imparts strength and control.

AVENTURINE is a soothing, calming stone that invokes peaceful energies. It is also stimulating to creativity, and is used for healing and good luck.  Good for abundance, adventures in travel, healing heart and emotions, independence, and career changes.

AZURITE-MALACHITE is a wonderful stone for new beginnings, and to assist in release deep inner fears, invoking the child within. It helps us to strengthen our connection with the All, and release conceit and vanity. AZURITE-MALACHITE releases stress and is soothing to the soul.

BLACK ONYX is excellent for grounding negativity and releasing stress. BLACK ONYX can be worn for protection, to banish grief, and to encourage happiness and good fortune.  It encourages happiness, good fortune and morality.

BLACK STAR SAPPHIRE is a very protective stone, and enhances grounding and centering. It relives stress and puts us more in tune with our intuition.

BLACK TOURMALINE deflects negativity, calms, grounds, reduces anger, and enhances protective shields.

BLOODSTONE has long been called "the stone of the warrior" as it is thought to bring protection to those in dangerous situations. It brings strength tempered by compassion, and assists in the decision making process.  Used for childbirth, stopping bleeding, inflammations, balancing emotions, grounding, and neutralizing and eliminating toxins.

BLUE GOLDSTONE is used to remind us of the beauty of the night sky, and helps us remember that light is always found within darkness.

  BLUE LACE AGATE brings us a very spiritually attuned level of communication, both within ourselves and with others.  Strengthens sight, diminishes thirst, promotes marital fidelity.  Good for treatment of arthritic conditions and strengthening skeletal structures.

BLUE TOPAZ stimulates the creative thinking process, and heightens awareness on all levels. It enhances clear communication.

BOTSWANA AGATE enhances creativity and abstract thinking, stimulates and energizes the crown chakra and auric body.

CALCOPYRITE increases memory, concentration, spiritual and physicl ability for students.

CARNELIAN is a stone of courage, passion and creativity. It helps to increase physical energy and strength, and enhances personal power. CARNELIAN is a stone sacred to Isis.  It helps with reproduction, sexuality, menstrual cramps, lungs, asthma, arthritis, creative visualization, and stimulates emotions.

CAT'S EYE assists in bringing change and balance into one's life; it allows the bearer to tap into inner knowledge and wisdom.

CHRYSOCOLLA eases emotional heartache, PMS, menstrual cramps, asthma, and aids digestion.  It balances emotions, and stimulates creativity.

CHRYSOPRASE helps balance Yin-Yang energies, activates and opens heart chakra and aids in compassion.  It helps to heal a broken heart and promotes fidelity in business and personal affairs.

CITRINE is used for wealth, happiness, success, and aids in manifesting on the physical plane what one visualizes or desires. CITRINE is helpful in dissipating harmful energies.  It aids in brining self esteem, joy, clear thinking and activates the solar plexus.  As the "merchant's stone", it brings more cash to the cash drawer.

DOLOMITE relieves sorrow, "everything happens for a reason", and encourages original thinking.

DUMORTERITE eliminates stubborness, brings patience, and stimulates verbalization of spiritual ideas.

ELESTIALS is a "gift from the angels".   It helps to overcome emotional burdens, activates memory, contains wisdom and records, increases expanded awareness, and assists in mass cleaning.

EMERALD is the "stone of successful love".  It enhances domestic bliss, stimulates heart chakra, increases harmony, fidelity, joy and all healing.

EPIDOT strengthens overall health, heart, well-being, energy, courage, and stamina.  It enhances that which you attune it to.

FLOURITE is used as a calming, centering influence for meditation or for any third eye workings. The "genius stone", it is used to increase concentration and focus the attention, and aids in linear thought and reasoning.  It assists in balance while working on computers and is good for the bones.

GARNET is a stone of high vitality and energy, and lends vitality and strength, and increasing sensuality. Given as a gift garnet symbolizes true and never-ending love and devotion. GARNET invokes and releases ones creative ability and inner fire.  It helps with sexuality, assists in taking action.  The "stone of committment".  It stimulates the kundalini.

GREEN ONYX speaks to the heart of happiness, brotherhood, and loving communication. It is a wonderful stone of friendship, and bringer of joy and tranquility.

HEMATITE is very grounding and balancing, allowing one to release negativity. It is healing and cleansing for disorders of the blood, and allows one to release harmful emotions.  HEMATITE is calming, transforms negativity and aids in high blood pressure, muscle cramping, nervous disorders, and insomnia.

INFINITE is the "healer's stone".  It assists in all areas of the body and a must for those in need of pain relief.  Works especially well on bad joints, muscles and connective tissue.  Imparts strength through gentleness and tenderness.

IOLITE is a wonderful stone for soothing and balancing psychic energies; while enhancing the abilities of the bearer, it also assists in grounding and clearer thought/vision.

JADE is said to bring blessings and happiness to its bearer; it is also said to aid in manifesting dreams into reality. JADE is a stone of wisdom, peace, and harmony.  It brings health, wealth, and longevity.  It promotes emotional balance, courage, wisdom and dreams, and protects from injury and accidents.

JASPER is a very nurturing, strengthening stone, and was often worn by Shamans for protection. It's energies bring us motivation, and the courage to accept and flow with transformation or change in our lives.  LEOPARD SKIN JASPER is the "supreme nurturer" giving protection during travel and from negativity.  It facilitates grounding and safe astral travel.  RAINBOW JASPER energizes life force, rejuvenates, promotes unselfishness and gives courages, wisdom and protection from stress.  It attracts good fortune. RED JASPER promotes independence, responsibility, progression, and facilitates in remembering dreams.  YELLOW JASPER balances teh Yin-Yang energy, stabilizes the aura, rejuvenates, gives courage and wisdom, relieves pain and suffering.  The "protection stone". ZEBRA JASPER promotes meditation and centering.  It relieves stress, increases appreciation for joy of life and stimulates transition to the astral plane.

JET is grounding and balancing, and as it carries a negative electrical charge, is good for drawing power and knowledge to the bearer. JET, usually when combined with AMBER, is one of the traditional stones of the High Priestess.

LABRADORITE assists in understand one's destiny and purpose in this life. It taps into the inner knowledge and wisdom, and enhances psychic ability and in understanding the energies and intuitive flashes received from the Cosmos. It also helps to remind us that even in the darkest of times, all colors and lights are still nurtured within us. LABRADORITE magnifies a person's strengths, originality, and relationship with others.  It opens energy flow to centers most in need.

LAPIS LAZULI assists in communication, and helps to increase wisdom and gain knowledge. A stone associated with Jupiter, it is used for growth, new beginnings, and in all legal matters. LAPIS was considered a sacred stone in Egypt.  It is a stone of "total awareness" and activates throat, third eye, and crown chakras.  It helps with emotional balancing, PMS, protection, insomnia, dreaming, women's healing, depression, and infections.

LEPIDOLITE is a stone of transformation, and used for stress reduction and to encourage beneficial change. It is a wonderful stone to enhance feelings of self love and self worth, and is very stabilizing, both emotionally and physically. LEPIDOLITE contains lithium mica and balances mood swings and helps ground one when scattered.  It helps with depression, self-love, trust, and stability.

MAGNESITE helps with motivation, visualization, grounds intellect, cell purification, convulsions, bones and teeth, and helps lessen PMS.

MALACHITE is tremendous as a healing stone, and is also good for money, love, and centering & balancing. Use it to open your heart to others, and to create an energy of prosperity around you. MALACHITE helps to clear emotional blocks, eyesight, absorbs negativity, digestion, diabetes, hypoglycemia, fidelity, and eases childbirth.

MOLDAVITE, a misty green stone, is actually a form of meteorite. It carries a very high energy vibration, and opens the crown chakra to the Universal All. It aids in mental and spiritual clarity. 

MOONSTONE is a stone of Goddess energy, and has a soothing, calming energy. It can be used for all lunar workings and brings balance and harmony with the All.  It helps with balancing, connecting with feelings, emotional tension, PMS, menopause, insomnia, and dreaming.  A good "traveler's stone".  PEACH or PINK MOONSTONE, with it's soothing, calming energy, is a wonderful stone for improve one's image and sense of self-worth.  GREY MOONSTONE brings an easing of frustration, and lends a greater ability to flow and move in harmony. 
RAINBOW MOONSTONE can be used to invoke the power of the Moon, as well as for intuition, inner wisdom, and knowledge. It vibrates with feminine wisdom and with Goddess energy. The Rainbow effect invokes a spectrum of light, and is very cleansing and uplifting.

MORION is a naturally dark crystal, not blackened by mankind's tampering. At some point during the growth of the crystal, it blackened from exposure to natural radiation. (these crystals are not radioactive and are safe to carry). Use them for their protective qualities, and to draw in and hold energy and information. They are also good for working with the "darker" forces of nature, such as the Crone aspect of the Goddess. 

MOSS AGATE works to balance the emotions, heal the heart and enhance positive outlook. It can also be used to enhance plant growth and to grow wealth.  It improves the ego and self-esteem, and strengthens positive personality traits.  It promotes agreeability and persuasiveness.

OPALS are used the help release inhibitions and promote spontaneous action. They invoke faithfulness and loyalty in relationships, and bring opportunities for growth. OPAL is also used to enhance psychic ability and awareness.

PEARLS are associated with the moon and Lunar energies, and have long been worn to bring favor from Isis. They are soothing, calming, and bring inner peace to the bearer.

PERIDOT brings a happy, friendly energy, and aids in forming friendships and friendly bonds. It lessens anger and jealousy, bringing inner peace. As a healing stone, it strengthens and regenerates the body. 

PETRIFIED WOOD brings a connection to Earth and Nature.  It rids one of petty annoyances, provides strength, grounding, and insight.  It is a powerful meditation stone.

CLEAR QUARTZ amplifies, focuses and stores energy and information. It can be used for healing, meditation, setting up shields or wards, to to banish harmful energies, and to enhance the aura.  It transmits and tranduces thoughts and energy, amplifies thoughts and intentions, and helps focus energy. PHANTOM QUARTZ brings universal awareness, past lives insight, and emotional healing. 

RAINBOW OBSIDIAN, the "stone of pleasure", enlightens one's life with light and love.  A good "gazing" tool for love interests, relationships, and development of etheric and physical forms.

RHODOCROSITE, the "stone of love and balance" stimulates energies of the body toward maintaining good health.  Strong, electrical energy emitting the strongest power in the universe..."the power of love".  It promotes emotional balancing that provides stability to the mind.

RHODONITE is a stone of abiding love and inner balance, and helps us to become more aware of our purpose in the Cosmos. It also enhances the ability to grasp and understand new concepts and teachings.  The "heart stone", it calms and feeds the soul through the heart.  It promotes self-assuredness, helps one achieve greatest potential and relieves heartache, stress, and loss.

ROSE QUARTZ is a soothing, calming stone. It is used for love, and to increase self love and feelings of self worth. It is clearing and healing to the heart. It balances yin-yang energies and heals emotional wounds.  The "stone of gentle love" promotes peace, nurturing, balances emotions and helps in skin and cell rejuvenation.

RUBY brings courage, strength, and personal power, and shields and protects the wearer. It brings clarity of mind and true action from the heart. 

RUBY ZOISITE is a powerful protective stone, setting up a "grid" like energy field that repels negativity and brings inner security. It also creates a "bridge" of communication between the conscious thinking mind and the infinite subconscious All, assisting in the discovery of enhancement of innate talents and abilities.

RUTILATED QUARTZ helps one take action.  It stabilizes relationships, mental processes and dispels interference.  Good for activating and energizing.

SAPPHIRE energies work to stimulate the throat chakra and third eye, assisting in matters of communication and clear thought. Associated with Jupiter, it also can be used for growth, expansion, and new beginnings.

SERPENTINE renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure.

SILVER is considered a psychic metal, enhancing and empowering the psychic abilities of the bearer. It is also considered to be protective, calming, and to have money-drawing vibrations. SILVER as a metal is associated with Lunar energies.

SMOKEY QUARTZ is a very grounding and balancing stone, reconnecting us with the Earth and her strength and stability.  It collects scattered energies, dissolves negative energies, and emotional blockages.  The "stone of cooperation", it helps with protection.

SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN is a stone of balance and inner harmony; it teaches us that light if found within any darkness. Gently grounding and balancing, this stone helps to lift depression, release negativity, and banish negative emotions.  The "stone of purity".

SODALITE brings us a clear understanding of the truth in matters, and an awareness of the bigger picture of cosmic intent behind actions. It is used for communication, especially in groups or gatherings.  SODALITE stabilizes mental and emotiohnal processes, PMS, cramps, clears old patterns, migraines and headaches, and promotes wisdom.

SUGALITE assists in connecting the spiritual world to the physical plane. It enhance self confidence, and is used in healing on cancer patients.

SUNSTONE is used to encourage a sense of independence, dispel fear, and to increase energy. In ancient Greece, it represented the Sun God, bringing vitality and happiness to those who wore it.

TANZANITE is a stone of high magic, bringing personal power and the Will into balance in the act of manifestation of desires. It is used for communication with the spirit world, and can assist in decision making that invokes the intuitive powers of the Higher Self.

TEKTITE stimulates communication and is a thought amplifier.  It promotes wisdom through life experiences and helps prevent emotional scars.

TIGER EYE brings us strength, courage, and passion; it has long been used to increase wealth and power on the physical plane. It aids in practicality and allows for a greater awareness of personal freedom.  It sharpens perception, focus and clarity.  Increases self awareness, balances and brings prosperity, discipline for sexual and emotional life, bringing "light" where practicality is needed.

TOURMALATED QUARTZ, a very powerful combination of CLEAR QUARTZ and BLACK TOURMALINE.  BLACK TOURMALINE is an excellent protective stone, its action strengthens and amplifies energy sent at it, and then returns it to it's back to its sender, much like a mirror spell. The natural amplification qualities of CLEAR QUARTZ only heighten this effect.  It helps to clear, maintain, and stimulate each of the body's energy centers.  It promotes inspiration, understanding and self-confidence.

TOURMALINE brings us balance, understanding, and inner strength; it can also be used to open one's awareness to the spiritual world. It can be used to attract success and prosperity and in matters of the heart.

BLACK TOURMALINE deflects and grounds negativity, reduces anxiety and depression, and increases vitality. It is an excellent protective stone, its action strengthens and amplifies energy sent at it, and then returns it, much like a mirror spell.

TURQUOISE is a wonderful stone for any traveler; certain Native American tribes used it for protection when traveling. It is also a stone of communication, happiness, and spirituality.

UNAKITE balances the emotional body, aligns with spirituality, and stimulates healthy pregnancies.

 ©2000, Donna E. Passaro. 
All rights reserved. May not be reproduced without prior permission from author.

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