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Merlin is indeed a REAL person, a trusted Elder and friend, and a Priest of the Old Religion.  He was initiated in England over 50 years ago, in the pre-Gerald Gardner days.  He has watched the Craft grow and change during that time.  For many years, he served as the High Priest for a rather large and established Coven in the southeast.  He helped to fight for legal recognition of Wicca through the court system in the 70's.  Although retired from teaching these days, we occasionally take him out of the closet, dust him off, and coax a few words of wisdom from him.  After finally getting the knack of "that infernal machine", he has graciously agreed to continue a bit of teaching here online for all of you.

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It seems as thought in the last two years or so, I have been torn between keeping my christian faith and adopting the ways of a wicca.  One time something inside me will tell me that I should keep my faith and not to even think of changing, and then something else inside me will tell me that I need a change and that everything would be okay.  How can I be sure of which way to go?  Sincerely, confused

Dear Confused:
     Many people have these conflicts. I think what you have to do is study both religions as far as possible, with an open mind, until one clicks with you, and that you know it is right for you. Never force this issue, you have to be certain.

     Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin I am a 23 yr old who has recently converted to paganism. in my studies ive read a lot of books which regard many pagans believing in or practicing Satanism. but what I donít understand is 1 paganism pre dates Christianity by hundreds and thousands of years so why would some pagans worship a Christian demon that doesnít even exist in our religion but yet exists in another religion that isnít  even created until years in the future. are these people confused and donít realize that their worshiping of a Christian deity makes them nothing more than a rebelling Christian and not a pagan of any kind. and 2 why would Wiccans even adopt a Christian deity such as Satan he is a fallen angel of a religion that condemns and damns us pagans for worshipping  good gods and goddesses of our mother earth and not believing in there god who condemns all that donít worship him even if they are good people. if some wiccans choose to invoke evil spirits or good spirits thatís there decision but why do they have to refer to it as Satanism that means I might as well be called a Jesus worshipper since I practice my beliefs for positive changes that will effect all and help further the good in the world of man please explain this question I know its lengthy but I did try to sum it up I have many sour feelings toward this practicing of a Christian god by individuals that would call them selves wiccan it labels a dark name for us good individuals that are pagan wiccans and  thatís why many who donít know what paganism is about associates us  with being evil. its ashame we are being judged this way by our fellow man but I can understand how people from the outside looking in see us as bad since witches are associated with a Christian demon named Satan and not a pagan goddess of life and love blessed be to you Merlin and all of you out there we have the power to change this negative outlook of us by those who fear and condemn us for what they donít understand we should be respected by all as so we should respect them they are no better than us as we are of them  no one hates a Jew cause they donít believe in Jesus and the way they worship and the same should go for us may good fortunes find you all

Dear Jamie:
First you have to understand that the word pagan does encompass a great many unconventional beliefs. I have never regarded Satanists as Pagans, but in truth, under the definition of the word I suppose they are. Satanism has a long and varied, and interrupted history. It first came about with the absorption of Mithraism that stated that if there is an all good God then there has to be an all evil God to counterbalance. There is no mention for example in the Old Testament of the Devil, or Satan. Remember that Christianity in it's conquering history adopted much from many other religions to appease the people it was endeavoring to convert. Around the twelve century when Christianity had a stranglehold on the population, imposing very harsh and strict rules, there was a rebellion of sorts leading to a type of reverse Christianity. Modern day Satanism under the leadership of Anton LeVey, and now headed by his daughter, is a valid religion, that turns Christianity upside down. However they may work on what is called the darkside, but do no evil. Only a very few Pagans attempt evil magical workings, and they are outcasts.

Bright blessings:



Dearest Merlin, all my life I have been very interested in everything to do with wicca and spirituality in general, especially coming from such a spiritual family it would be hard not to feel such a strong connection with the unknown.My problem, is that eventhough I do believe in magic and everything I tend to think to much, and analyze so much I start to doubt myself and if what I'm doing is meaningful or just wishful thinking. My question to you is do you ever feel that way? and if you do doubt it all what do you tell yourself to put yourself back on track?please answer this question,for it was asked too many times already!  Many Blessings, Thais

Dear Thais:
No, I have never, ever thought that way. You see to really believe in something you have to know it is right from the very start. You have to feel it's strength immediately. For me there can be no other religious path than the one I am on, for it is comfortable, and in my heart of hearts, deep down, I know it is right for me. This is not to say that I have not rationalized this, but not from your prospective. You are trying to prove to yourself that is right for you, and that magic works. I on the other hand have approached it from the other side and tried to prove that it does not. To truly believe in something it has to fit well, sit well with you, and you have to know instinctively that it is you.

Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin,

I used to study Wiccan and the craft but I gave it up because I still live with my mom. She is so against it. But I feel that is is the right path for me. I want to get back into it, but I need help learning. How do I find a teacher? Where do I look? Are there any good trusted sites out there where I can get the needed help?


Dear Ashlie:
This is the most frequently asked question and yet it should never be asked in the first place. I am not meaning to personally pick on you, but everyone who is a Pagan/Witch has been in your situation. If you do an Internet search under the word Witch you will find 55201 pages to sort through. I, in all seriousness would start with and see where that leads you. We really do believe that one has to make the effort oneself, and then doors will be open to you. Believe me, it happens that way. After all you found this site didn't you? Good luck.

Bright blessings:



Hello Merlin. I was wondering if there is such thing as a natural witch. If so, I think I may be one. I get strange feelings whenever bad events are about to happen, and I always get deja vu. Once when I was walking home with my friend and we got lost in the woods at night and we were really scared but then there was a light that pointed left and we got home safely, but when I remarked about the strange light and she said she didn't see it. If you have any thoughts or advice please tell me! Thank you!


Dear Megan:
     There are people who have greater propensities to Witchcraft than others, and sometimes this is hereditary. You need to develop these "feelings" through meditation and learn some sort of divination, such as Tarot. This does not make you a Witch, but through your explorations, that path may open up to you.

     Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin im completely lost ive been reading into paganism and trying to convert for over 2yrs but the only thing ive learned is I cant find the answers I need. Please help me complete my path as a follower of the pagan beliefs a Wiccan friend of mine says the word pagan is like the word Christianity. the word is the foundation but theirs many branches like Catholics protestants born-agains and so on  itís the same for pagans theirs Celtics druids wiccans Norse ex. but different web sites ive visited speaks of paganism in its own right separate from these other beliefs and other forms of this religion what I feel im looking for is more of the older pagan ways less corrupted by society some say thatís the path of druidism others tell me its Celtic some even say the lady of the lake is one of the older ways of worship yet I cant find any references to her other than in king Arthur stories please help me find this ancient pure untainted way of life that was so predominantly followed before the Christians tried to take by force and destroy a good and wholesome way to live and worship. My only problem is lack of true knowledge is their a pagan bible or book that can explain and tell me the differences in these beliefs so I may finally choose my pagan spiritual walk of life and be whole I donít like not truly knowing and feeling unsatisfied In my search for the truth to quench this desire of being a complete and true follower  and any who read this with any helpful insight please let me know my e-mail is

  Sincerely    jamie

Dear Jamie:
     First, let me say, that your friend is correct. Paganism is an umbrella word that covers a multitude of beliefs, and Wicca is a part of Paganism. Yes, even within Wicca there are many branches as there is in Christianity. All you have to do is read, study, and contact as many people as possible, until you find the right path for you. Begin by talking to your friend and his friends as well. Attend any events that you are able. Do not worry too much as many have been in the same place as you are now.

     Bright blessings:



I live in a tri-religious household.  I have been Wiccan for six years now, but my father is Buddhist, and my younger sister is an on-again/off-again Christian.  We live in this tiny studio apartment that has three different shrines in one room!  While we all try to respect each other's space and beliefs, we are all growing very quickly and it is beginning to feel spiritually (and physically!) cramped in my house.  Is there any way to sort out the mixed energies in this living arrangement, short of moving out or building an extension? I thank you for your time

Blessed be,

Una Avalynne Springwater

Dear Una Avalynne Springwater.
     I can easily understand your predicament, but at least everyone in your household respects the others beliefs. Many Wiccans prefer an outside secret shrine, but I suspect this may not be available to you. Either you continue as you are and are clever at clearing the atmosphere before you start any workings, or, I am sorry to say, you will have to move so that you do have at least a room for yourself.

     Bright blessings:




Blessed Be!

I have a question which I have never found adressed.

I am a 5th generation Wicca.  My mother never taught

me because she was too afraid of my former

step-father, a devout and strict Catholic, of finding

out.  When they got divorced, soon after she found out

she had cancer and died.  I am now 40 and my son is

15.  He has never shown an interest in any religion

and does not want to hear about Wicca.

In our family our gifts get a tend to get a little

stronger with each generation and I don't want him to

get hurt, as I was, or hurt anyone else?  What am I

supposed to do about this?  I have asked for help at

other sites, but have received no response.  Short of

binding his powers I don't know what to do.  I don't

know if that is the answer anyway, it doesn't feel


Thank you and Keep Well!


Dear Joef:
     The thing to do is nothing, and not to worry. If your son has not shown any interest then let things be as they are. He is still quite young, and may decide on a religious path later. I would also add, that the "power" will often skip a generation. Just relax, and do not worry, and do not force any beliefs on your son. Let things happen as they will.

     Bright blessings:



Greetings  Merlin

My concerns are visions I see when I close my eyes.  Most of the times they look like clouds moving and other times they are colors of the chakra.  Sometimes they take forms.  Once I saw a opening. Its outer layer was spinning and had a blend of colors which look like a rainbow.  Also I have seen symbols of some sort but I dont understand what it all means.  My question to you is,  Why am I seeing these things and what does it all mean?  I use to just see the cloud like substance when my eyes are closed but now it comes in as a red color and then it transforms to the clouds or shawdows.

Please give me your help.  I AM SO CONFUSE!    I dont understand what is happening to me.

Thank you for listening!   Purplemoons

Dear Purplemoons:
     There are times when the eyes are very sensitive to color changes. There are times when you close your eyes after being in bright sunlight you will still have certain reflections inbeded in your eyes for a few minutes. There may good be medical reasons as well. If this continues I suggest that you consult your Doctor, especially if it is accompanied by giddy sensations. Apart from that I have no explanations.

     Bright blessings:



I just have a quick question. Me and two of my friends just wanted to

know what the differance is between WICCA and Peganism is. Can  help us?


Dear Friend:
     Wicca is a specific religion, whereas Paganism is an umbrella word covering a multitude of non mainstream religions. Therefore Wicca is a part of Paganism.

     Bright blessings:



I Merlin. I was just wondering, I know everyone has had their share of

coincidences, but what if there's a pattern?

   When I was 5 years old, my mom woke up one morning and showed me a

sign on her leg that she believed was a witch sign. Now that I'm older,

I know it was either a pentagram or a triquetra, but was too young to

remember exactly how it looked. The strange thing was, she didn't

believe in Wicca, but had a dream she was being examined by them, and

saw them draw the sign on her. (and had it when she woke up)

   A few months ago, she had a strange dream a vampire bit her and she

had actual fang marks that disappeared about three minutes after i saw


Do you think there's any connection to why she had these dreams and

woke up with the marks?


Dear Alicia:
     There are several things that are wrong with your Mother's dream in the real world. There is no such thing as a "witch mark," and we do not "examine" people. These are both myths of the Catholic Church adopted during the inquisition. As far as the vampire dream is concerned although I will not dispute it, I do think that there may be some coincidences incurred. I seriously doubt that there is either any connection between the dreams and the marks, however, I will add this, that in metaphysics, all things are possible. I have no explanation with the details that you have given me, perhaps meeting face to face with a true physic may resolve in some explanation, but without this type of meeting I am unable to throw any light on this interesting phenomenon.

     Bright blessings:



Hi, Merlin ;-D

I'm 32, and my curiosity and attraction (as well as the worries and concerns that I have) for Wicca has come back.  I'm having some sort of crisis because I don't understand what I have, and I'm dying to know what I'm supposed to do with it.  I don't even know where to start when it comes to next steps and how to come to terms with it.

I'll give you a little background, so that you'll have an idea where I'm coming from...

My grandmother was a medium in her younger years, until she became a Mormon.  While my mother was in the US trying to earn a living for us, my grandparents and my aunt basically raised me.  She basically opened up my interest and belief that there are things other than the physical plane, and that each human being has a potential.  She "knew" stuff that other people would not normally know -- so it was frustrating for my brother who used to cut class to drink and smoke with his buddies (if you know what I mean).

When I was about nine, she warned me not to stay in the dark with fear inside me.  Years later when I was 13, I made the major mistake of staying in the dark.  It culminated in a supernatural experience wherein I felt a "sucking sensation" on the top of my head - which led me running down the stairs and quietly sneaking at the living room pretending that nothing happened...

...and my grandmother said, "Now you know what I meant..."

Another incident was when I was in the fifth grade, and in my sophomore year in high school.  I got so angry at someone for something absolutely horrible they did to me, and I did weird rituals using the stuff I have readily available -- such as candles, photographs, and other things.  On both incidents, the people I wished ill upon got violently sick immediately after doing the rituals.  And as soon as they get well, I get sick -- much much worse and much much longer than they did.

My mother basically soul-searched all her life for the "right faith" and found herself on a pilgrimage to India and Tibet.  The resulting years of tutelage under a guru, meditation, and other Eastern practices gave her harmony as a Catholic and a New Age practicer.  She reads tarot cards and astrological charts, and she is mostly accurate with her readings.

As to me, I'm also Catholic but I've always been interested in Wicca and other stuff that the Catholic church does not condone.  I always frown every time that the priest has to bring up stuff like the Witch of Endor and similar stuff -- scaring the masses from even trying to see their potentiality.  As much as I am more open to this, part of me is still afraid -- maybe it has something to do with the "Catholic conditioning" and the rest from experiences.

I also refuse to go to my priest about this because I know what he would say about it.  All he'll do is make me feel guilty about even entertaining the idea of having Wicca be a part of my life.

Since I was little, I've been having dreams about stuff that I swear up and down would never happen due to its oddity -- only to find out months ahead that it would happen exactly as how I dreamt it.

And for some reason, people have been telling me that I have this gift of healing people.  I have a lot of friends who have back, shoulder, or other problems, and I just feel so bad that I give them a massage.  It turns out that I can pinpoint exactly the trouble spots without them having to tell me where.  The same happens even though I have just seen that person for the first time. All of them report of feeling immediately relieved, and their pain has decreased to have them function almost pain-free.

I also have a feeling that my up-and-down financial and professional situation has something to do with this turmoil between my faith in the Catholic religion and my neo-pagan beliefs.  I am also constantly afraid that if I ever try opening up, then it might backfire on me (my experience of getting violently ill whenever I get angry and used a spell against someone, or when I massage certain people and get sick from it).

So now that you know a little about me, I wanted to ask a couple of things:

(1) Do I have some sort of gift, and if I do, then what is it and how can I maximize the use of it for good;

(2) Are there Wiccans out there who also practice the Catholic faith, and how do they come to terms with the Wiccan ways and the Catholic's contradictory belief;

(3) What did I encounter that night when I stayed in the dark - a dark spirit, a demon, what?

(4) If I open myself up to embrace the Wiccan ways, what things do I have to expect -- such as changes, etc.

(5) Do "gifts" pretty much run in the family?

(6) Is there something that you could recommend to improve financial and career aspects of one's life using Wicca?  If there is, are there any repercussions or consequences for using the spell?

(7) Is there something that you could recommend when it comes to protecting myself from getting "bounce-back sickness" from some people that I give massages to?

Thanks in advance, Merlin, and may many blessing come upon you ;-D

Dear Mystic Ariadne:
     You certainly have given me a great deal of information. It is curious to me that those of the Catholic faith have more of these problems, than those of other denominations. I suspect it is because the Catholic religion still contains some of the mysteries of religion. In my opinion it is how they hold their congregations together. First you have to overcome the guilt that you feel. Try and believe in the laws of karma, and that we, and only we, are responsible for our own sins, and that we have to atone for them in our own life. We do not believe in confession and forgiveness, but in striving to do good at all times. Let me answer your questions as you have asked them:

     (1)     I believe that you do have certain gifts that are at the present wild. I would suggest that you find a Reiki teacher whereby you could use your healing talents and learn how to clear them from your body.

     (2)     You cannot be a Wiccan and a Catholic, it would be like being a Jew and a Muslim. However that should not stop you from being a healer whatever faith is right for you.

     (3)     It is difficult to explain what you experienced on that "dark night," I suspect that as you were quite young, and that you were expecting something to happen -- it did. This is not as unusual as you may think.

     (4)     If you truly "open up to Wicca" then I think the experience would bring you a great peace of mind eventually. You have to work at it, as Wicca is a minute by minute faith, and not just a few hours on a Sunday.

     (5)     Yes, these type of "gifts" are genetic, but are apt to skip a generation or so.

     (6)      I never recommend using a spell for financial gain. You have to approach this with the idea of what you truly need to live a fair and comfortable life. Do you need a ten bedroom house, probably not, but perhaps three would be nice. You have to work within the sphere of availability and grow from there. Be content with what you have, and be wise in financial matters. Never let greed take over, from practicality.

     (7)This is the kicker, many people have this problem. However it is the second part of being a natural healer, and again a Reiki Master would be able to teach you. The essence is, that you have to do something to clear the body. It can be as simple as shaking your hands and casting of sickness, perhaps a complete shower would help, or even to stand still and bathe yourself in a pure white life, feeling all blackness leave your body. Different things work for different people.

     I hope I have helped. I feel as I have taken an exam myself! Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin:

I am a new practitioner - very new - and I am struggling with quitting

smoking.  Is there a simple spell that will help support my efforts?  I

would appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Thank you very much.

Leslie S-J

Dear Leslie:
     I am an old practitioner -- very old -- and I have given up the struggle. Let ME know if you find a simple spell that would help. But then, I am so old it would not matter too much! Sincerely though, it can be done with the aid of meditation, plus a good idea is tell the person you most respect most that you are quitting. It is a terrible thing to go back on your word to that person you hold in high regard. Sorry I cannot be of help in this matter. Good luck though.

     Bright blessings:



Hello, Merlin-

I am Capricorn, and am just beginning to learn about Wicca.  My question is:

after my purification bath, is makeup acceptable.  My gut tells me to go before the

God and Goddess "honestly", but would appreciate your input.

Thanks you,


Dear Capricorn:
     Wow, this is an interesting question and made me stop and think. You should in a Circle look your best, as you say we take a bath, and also wear a clean robe, and don special jewelry. Therefore I do think that a light make up is acceptable, but if you feel comfortable without any makeup go that way. The one thing you do not want to look like is a painted doll. Just look natural. Good question -- thank you.

     Bright blessings:



My dearest Merlin,

    I just wanted to thank you for your insight and guidance - you are one of

the many reasons I have chosen to begin my journey on the Wiccan path. Being

only 17 years old and hopelessly inexperienced, I was wondering if you could

advise me on how to begin. I know I first have to master Meditation, but I

know there is more to becoming a Wiccan than that! What else can I do to

take flight?

    Best wishes, Elke

Dear Elke:
     This is probably the most asked question, how do I start? Well, you have already started by asking questions. My advice to you not knowing where you live is to go to your nearest metaphysical bookstore and see what classes are advertised there. Even by hanging around you may meet a good contact, but be wary of this. The best book in years is: The Idiots Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft by Denise Zimmerman. It covers everything in a very simple to read and comprehensive manner. Also go to which is a like a national pagan newspaper, and has many links. It also lists many groups nationwide, but always be careful about meeting any stranger, as they interview you, you interview them.

     Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin,

I am not a witch, or at least I do not think that I am.  I ended up here in

my search for answers as to what is wrong with me.  Over the last few years

I have noticed that certain things seem to happen when my anger gets out of

hand or when I concentrate on something or someone too long.  Two instances

in particular stand out in my mind.  In very heated argument with my mother

which drudged up years of pain and abuse, I stood on one end of a long

hallway, her on the other and in my climax of rage the ceiling light in

between us started to flicker and buzz until it exploded, leaving us both in

the dark.  She ran away crying and screaming in fear saying that I made it

happen and I was possesed.  One other time I was having trouble with a very

emotional careless boyfriend.  I was watching him climb a ladder and

thinking very angry thoughts and just then the ladder came out from

underneath him.  He was left hanging by one hand but was not hurt.  When he

finally got to the ground he accused my of hexing him.  The worst thing that

happened was with a woman who was trying to seduce my boyfriend.  One day I

walked into the room that she was in and she said something incredibly rude

and spiteful to me.  The next second she was chasing my boyfriend around

like a school girl.  I was so angry I thought to myself that maybe if she

fell down the stairs she would think twice about disrepecting me and then

she did.  She broke her ankle and was rushed to the hospital.  Again,

everyone looked to me.  Since then, people call me "the witch", and the joke

around saying things like "don't hex me" and "don't make eye contact with


I am afraid of hurting someone and I can't seem to control these things that
happen.  What is going on with me.  How can I control this?

Freaked Out

Dear Freaked Out:
     I wish that I knew how old you are. I suspect that you are quite young, if so these energies generally wear themselves out. It is not unknown for rage to trigger this type of happening. It certainly does not make you a Witch. I would suggest that you instal in your mind a type of brake mechanism. A very simple one would be, an orange! When you have the feeling that this phenomena is about to happen immediately think of an orange, or some such simple object. Now if you are over say twenty-five, you have two choices, one, and this is the best, is learn to control these outbursts and even turn the energy into something positive. The other is to seek professional help. This I do not recommend as you probably will be wasting your money. The thing is to realize that events such as this that manifest within the mind can be controlled. There are a few books on the subject, under physic Phenomena that may help if you can find one. However they mostly relate incidents and do not offer a cure or an explanation. If you can create these happenings then you can prevent them, or as I have already said, turn the energy that you arouse to good. Very interesting, and good luck.

     Bright blessings:



Hello Merlin~

     I was just wondering about what exactly one's supposed to see when the visualize something.  What i mean is, is it supposed to be so clear you see it as if your eyes are open and like whatever image you're holding in your mind is right infront of you, or is it simply like thinking of a friend or pet and picturing them?  i thought it was just the latter until i came across an exercise in a book for developing psychic abilities where an index card was colored black save for an area in the middle, which would form a circle with a dot in the middle, an equal armed cross or an equilateral triangle.  it said to fix your eyes on these images, then close them and see the reverse with your mind's eye, like looking at the negative of a photo.  i just can't tell if I'm using my mind's eye or the other two.  maybe I'm a little slow and the question may earn a little chuckle, but I was hoping you could clarify it for me.  Thanks bunches.  Take care!

~ A.B.

Dear AB:
     I do know the type of cards you are talking about. At one time they were sold in sets of seven and called Chakra cards as each one was of a different color and design meant to represent the seven Chakras. The instructions were to stare at them for as long as possible, without blinking! It is my opinion they are very dangerous and have warned against there use many times in the past. You can do damage to your eyes that is permanent, if not, you will at the very least incur a splitting headache. Your interpretation of Creative Visualization is correct. With practice you should be able to create and hold objects and or scenes that are multi-dimensional including smell. Go easy on this, for it does take a great deal of practice. Never force yourself beyond a reasonable and comfortable point. It is something that you learn in leaps and bounds. You may go months without a breakthrough and then suddenly it happens. Good luck and be careful.

     Bright blessings:



Hi. I don't really know that much about Wicca/Paganism, I have been to

many sites & all of them say different things, which ones do I believe?

I'm really confused about all this, what do I do? Well, better let you

go. Blessed be. BYE!

-Chelsea G.

Dear Chelsea:
     The best site that I have discovered is There is enough there to satisfy anyone. Good luck.

     Bright blessings:



As one of your previous emailers wrote, I too have the "clairvoyance" gift which used to creep me out as a child. I have managed to embrace it throughout the years and it has proven itself time and time again.  I tried to ignore it, but each time, the visions or dreams were more vivid and continuous. Anyway, my questions is this:  As a "born again christian" --which is what my parents brought me up to be, I find myself going more and more into the wiccan religion.  I have a couple of aunts to practice Voodoo and Black Magic, but I will not dare contact either one of them in fear of my entire family ridiculing me.  The only person that knows about my gradual change of heart is my husband and he totally approves. I have my own book of shadows --that I have put together and look forward to some sound advice about the reality behind WICCA and some of the history.  Are there any books you may recomend for a starting or novice witch?  Or am I even a Witch at all or just a mere person with a clairvoyant gift???  Help, I am so confused!!!  Thanks for your time and I appreciate the opportunity to actually speak to someone who is experienced.  I have emailed other people this past month and they don't email back.  I wonder if it's because they thing I"m one of those Christians who go on line and debate stuff?  Believe me, I have had this battle of Wicca vs Christianity since my gift first started---when I was nine years old and my grandmother passed away!    Thanks again,  BARBARELLA

Dear Barbarella:
     Just because you have a natural ability to be clairvoyant does not mean that you are a Witch. You can practice Christianity if that is what you desire most. However, it is always a good idea to explore ideas and belief systems that appeal to you. Perhaps after doing some research you may decide that Paganism or Wicca is not right for you. So be it. Never go against your conscious and never deny yourself the usage of a natural gift. To start with I would suggest that you begin by logging on to There is enough information there, as well as many good links to get you started. Again, I must reiterate, that being a Christian does not preclude you from being clairvoyant. You may wish to join a church that is very broadminded such as the Universalist Church. There you may find many others like yourself, but who are still Christians. I would stay away from the Aunt's as that is not the path for you. Stay in the light always and shun the dark. Good luck.

     Bright blessings:




I have attempted to search the web for on line classes on wicca.  I have found very little that seems to fill the bill.  I am a solitary, self-initiated and largely following the Seax tradition, primarily because much of my learning has been from Ray Buckland's books. Are you aware of any on line classes or any form of correspondence classes that might augment my limited knowledge.  Thank you  Dante  a/k/a John Hopkins

Dear Dante:
     I have not done an Internet search myself, but Ray Buckland used to have a correspondence course for Seax Wicca. Check his website, Another great source for you to look into which contains many sources is, If you do find one. check it out thoroughly to make sure that it is right for you. Good luck.

     Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin:

I wrote you a while ago, I was confused and wondering why I have like...some gifts/powers. told me to embrace them, and I have been, I seem to be doing very well, sometimes lights still flicker and all, but I got the rest down...but...something new has arrived. About 2 weeks ago, I made a Pepsi bottle move on its own, I was not sure if it was me at first until other objects started to move when I was angry, or sad. I have read and heard about such talents, and they call them Telekinesis, or Psychokinesis, I read about each one and I still got no where. I was wondering....could this be a new skill that has surfaced? If so..should I be concerned about it? And can it be dangerous to the people around me?

Thanks.   The Wondering and Confused.

Dear Friend:
     These inherant powers that you are lucky enough to have been given should be developed and controlled gently over a period of time. Trying to force yourself to do things, especially when in an emotional state can be disastrous. There is no down side, or evil side to this. Like all powers it is up to you to use them for either good or evil. Let them manifest at their own pace, and usually it will come to you, or you will be told, how to exercise them. Good luck.

     Bright blessings:



I am not a wiccaan, I am a christian and a yogi. Both of these would be reasons to reject wicca. But as a child and a teen I had visions, not so much now, and have always had prophetic dreams. As a yogi I believe in the subtle energies of the body and that every thing is made of energy. I harness energy from the earth to help me through asanas. I meditate and use mudras, and believe in the ability of herbs to do wondrous things. In ayurveda my governing elements are earth and water and I relate well to these. As a christian I believe God created an universe full of energy and magic, we only have to learn how to use it. The church and yogic philosophy would reject the idea of magic but I find this contradictory. I am compelled to search further to learn how to use the gifts I've been given and how to use the magic that is all around me. But I could never compromise my present religious beliefs to do this. Is wicca compatible, or is there another avenue that would better complement my current beliefs?

Dear friend:
     You are obviously very advanced in your mystic studies, and it obvious to me that you lean towards Eastern philosophies. It is not a question if Wicca is compatible, but what is compatible for you. Never force a belief on yourself, but continue on your present path, exploring that which you feel is right and rejecting that which you are not comfortable with. Never compromise what you sincerely believe to be correct, but at the same time, do not become rigid in your mind and close yourself off from new ideas. Be flexible, and follow your own path of learning and practices.

     Bright blessings:



Dear Merlin,

Is there a way to differentiate between a ghost and a spirit guide/guardian angel?  I believe I have one at my house.  My 6 month old son follows "nothing" around with his eyes.  I see things out the corners of my eyes and it has even touched my foot while I was lying in bed.  It has never been malicious.  On the contrary, it has always been rather friendly.

 I'm curious to know if there is a way to tell if this is a ghost or a spirit guide.  If it is a spirit guide would it be my son's since he seems to see it?  Or, would it be mine since it has touched me?

I have invited it to communicate with me but I've gotten no response.  Should I continue my attempts at communication or should I leave it alone?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Angela:
     You are doing exactly the right thing. Spirits, like humans, come in all shapes and sizes, but they are usually very shy, especially the good ones. I really would suggest that you continue being friendly by talking to the Spirit, and even giving it a name. Usually the first name that comes into your head is the right one. Spirits tend to be of a playful nature and like to test the waters to see if they are welcome. Work with your son on this and talk with him about what he is "seeing" and encourage him. Warn him that this is a Mother Son secret. You do not want him to be made fun of, and also Spirits like to be private as well. You never have a block party to meet your pet Ghost. You are a blessed household.

     Bright blessings:

'          Merlin.


Dear Merlin,

    I have a problem... I'm an opinionated person, who loves to debate hot issues etc. I'm a senior on the diversity committee at my high school, in an ethics class and in a constitutional law class. (Yes, I'm a teenager *gasp*) In all of these situations there are discussions on religion: role of religion in school, our first ammendment religious rights, and the seperation of morality and religion. Here is where I have a problem. Last Nov. I decided to look into Wicca and since then I have spent a year in personal reflection and study. Having experienced the full year, I know Wicca is the right religion for me. A few of my friends know about me as well as my parents and they're all fine, but none of my other classmantes know or understand it. In these religious discussions it is so hard for me to be silent when the majority of my classmates are Judeo-Christian and all arguing that non-Christians should just sit respectfully when a prayer to their God is being said. They don't see how hard it is for pagan teens etc. to sit and listen to them tell everyone else to deal with it. I go to an independent school where there sometimes is prayer and while I could pray to Goddess, the guided prayer is obviously directed to the Judeo-Christian God. How can I let them believe that the religious minorities love listening to them all pray to God all the time, and still keep silent about my own religion? The opinionated teenager in me is just achin' to get out and have a good "religion in schools" debate becuase I'm sick of every discussion involving religion only being about the Judeo-Christian religion. How can I do this and still keep silent? Any advice Merlin?


Dear Livinia:
     This is an interesting observation and one that each of us has to live with all our lives. We have to attend Christian weddings and funerals, and be comfortable with the rites that these passages demand The first point is, that we need to be secret and not try and covert or even inflict our views and opinions on anyone. The other point is of a much broader view. We not only believe in an omnipotent male and female but in a single creative life force (God?) of which we believe we are all part of. Taking this a step further all religions believe in "God," it is the way of reaching that deity that is different. For instance, Jesus is a way to God for many, but even this has varying degrees within the Christian community. Compare the Christian trinity of God, Jesus, and Mary, with a Pagan trinity of God, Mother Earth and Father Sun. Explore these ideas and I think that you will become more comfortable. Pray to your vision of Godhead while others pray to theirs. By the way my first teachers given name was Livinia, but she chose to be called Lavender)

`     Bright blessings:



Hello Merlin

I am a Wiccan, Male I once belonged to a Coven in Kitchener Waterloo Ont. Canada. We were Gardinarien. Several years ago I made a terrible misjudgment. I parted with the coven for the love of a woman. I had just attained the first degre.

As time passed I have allways felt a tug back to the Craft. I have continued to follow the paths that I learned wile with my coven. Now I feel the tug has become a PULL!

I am asking you now as a last ditch effort to find my home back. I have lost track of the others and wish to find them. Could you post this E-mail on the off chance that somone read here.

I have lost my way and only the Goddess and God can help me now.



I was just wondering if you had any idea if there are any covens in Dallas, Texas that you know of? I've been looking for someone near me who shares the same interest in religion. I've only gotten really interested in witchcraft in the past month or so. I've always felt drawn to it though. I'm very young, so I don't know a whole lot about this. I've also been looking at a lot of Wiccan/Pagan web sites & they all seem to have different views on things. Which ones should I believe. I don't know anyone who knows anything about this besides me. I don't plan on going around school asking people about witchcraft. I might lose my friends if I did that. I've never liked Christianity or anything like that. Well, better let you go. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear Chrmdgrl:
     There are several groups in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I would suggest that you visit metaphysical bookstores, and see what notices they may have. Most Covens have open houses from time to time. Also by attending any lectures, etc., you will meet others, and that will set you on the path. You tell me you are young, be warned, that most groups will not accept anyone under the age of eighteen, without written parental permission.

     Bright blessings:



Hello Merlin,

I have asked you questions before and I really appreciate you answering it, and now I have more.  Here's the background.  I have been a witch for nine years and at least once a week lately I do some trancework seeking visions and guidance and teachings from the gods or the spiritual guides, since I don't really enjoy reading beginner wicca books anymore, they all seem to say the same thing.  Recently in my visions I've been talking to a veiled woman who lives in a cave.  After a few meeting she agreed to teach me magic, and I was to practice the techniques she gave me before coming back for more.  She told me to light a candle in front of a mirror and wait for wisdom from the otherworld, it was pretty vague.  I did what I was told and then after a few minutes of looking at the reflected candle flame reality sort of "popped" and I got dizzy and disoriented, when things stilled again, I refocused, the mirror seemed changed and I realized I was looking at a window to the otherworld, it no longer seemed flat, but rather three-dimensional and shortly thereafter I saw a the horned hunter appear on the other side, he was majestic and beautiful, though with a terrible power about him.  The goddess had told me that I could speak to the other side with this technique thought I didn't realize it was going to be a direct line to the otherworld, where I could freely talk to elementals, gods, power animals and spirits, not so vividly, I expected it to be like scrying the way a crysal ball is done, where after a time it seems misty and then vague images or shadows of images appear, see scrying isn't quiet a lost art yet.  I was wondering if you had heard of a technique like this?  I was told to keep practicing the methods and techniques of doing this  (by the veiled woman in the vision), does this seem safe?  I mean I don't want to open a direct line through all mirrors, since I was told that it didn't take a special mirror, that any mirror would do. I mean I don't want to be brushing me teeth in the morning and have to deal with all forms of things trying to talk to me.  Do you think this could happen?  Do you think I should find or purchase just one mirror and always use that one, and keep it wrapped in black cloth when not in use like any other magical tool?  I've talked to other witches about it, but nobody could give me any advice, and I was hoping your years of wisdom could help me.

When I was thinking about this question I was reading the questions you answered already and I noticed that you had posted something about dark mirror scrying, how you travel inside the mirror or something like that, is there any way you could elaborate on this and how it is done since I have not found this technique anywhere in my studies.  If you know of a good article on it on the internet, maybe you could direct me.

And one more thing in my meditations I have come across a symbol, it is either etched on a piece of bark or it is tangled in the roots of a tree.  It is one strait vertical line, with two little lines connecting about halfway down and branching off downward and horizonally like a child would draw a bird's foot.  Well I was told that the symbol was called a witch's foot but could find out nothing more about it.  Have you seen or heard of this symbol and if so could you tell me anything about it.

If you want to answer this one privately because I know that a lot of your readers are young beginners I would understand, you also have my permission, if you post it to edit out anything that you don't think needs to be posted on you site.

Thank you very much for your time and for the service you perform for the pagan community.

Silent Storm

Dear Silent Storm:
     What a fascinating experience you are having. First do not be afraid, but do be cautious, do not do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. I think that it would be a good idea to treat this particular mirror as something special. I would purify it, and as you suggested it drape it in a black cloth, that would keep the energies that you are building up into it, from scattering. Ration your time with the mirror and do not let it become a fixation. The symbol you mention is probably Norse in origin. That does not matter though, I would draw the symbol on parchment and keep it on your altar. I would also move the mirror to your altar, and before using it, light and purify the altar. There is very little written today about Black Mirrors, and scrying in particular. Most books on these subjects were written at the turn of the last century, and are very speculative. I have been asked to teach this art, and cannot, because all I can say is look at and see what happens. You appear to have the gift, so do not abuse it, do not be scarred, and do not become too involved, just take it easy. Listen to yourself, and you will be told when to look in your special mirror. Make it a special occasion, or a special rite. Good luck.

     Bright blessings:


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