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Robert and Ariell at their Handfasting. June 5, 1999.


We are committed to our customers.  Really.  When was the last time you ACTUALLY got a salesperson to help and advise you on a purchase, or had a cashier with a pleasant attitude and friendly smile ring up your purchase?  Unfortunately, it's becoming less and less frequent these days. WE'RE DIFFERENT!  We WANT your business and will do our best to make your shopping with us easy, confidential, and convenient.  Your purchases put food on our tables and pays our rent.  It doesn't go into the coffers of some big corporate conglomerate, or some fat cat's Mercedes.  We SHOULD be helpful; you're important to us! 

We started business in 1989 as Designs By Donna, a custom sewing business, and selling ritual robes and cloaks at pagan festivals.  The "festival" business began to grow and expand.  Designs by Donna eventually evolved into a professional costume design business, working in local and regional theaters, but still maintaining the "festival" business, which at this point carried ritual items, jewelry and clothing.  In 1995, Robert, and his daughter Jenna  joined in the fun.  The costume designing and sewing was phased out and the "festival" business expanded to include knives, swords, and leather work.  With many thanks to Jack and Liz, our first website went up In 1997.  In 1998 we got our own domain and this site, and The Blessed Bee was born.  Patti showed up early in 2000 and was instrumental in keeping our office operating smoothly.  

On June 5, 1999, Robert and I were handfasted and legally married.  We were most grateful for all the well wishes we received from our customers around the world!  Your notes and emails meant an tremendous deal to us.  Since many of you asked, we have posted a few pictures of our handfasting.

-Donna (Lady Ariell)